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"Nanuq" is live at The Drabblecast

Just finished listening to Norm Sherman's awesome reading of my story "Nanuq".

I'm just floored. They are so cool over there, and funny as all hell to boot.

Check it out, it's short.

", podcast at Drabblecast

"Harry the Crow" is live at _Escape Pod_!

I just finished listening and it is outstanding. Many thanks to Norm Sherman for his amazing read.

I had some pleasant news yesterday-- The fine people at _Escape Pod_ picked up my short story "Harry the Crow" for their podcast!

I'm very excited. They put out an excellent product and I've been a fan from the beginning. It also woke me up to the fact that my writing hiatus is starting to be a bit longer than I anticipated....

What have I been doing? Building a playhouse for my kids. But not just any playhouse. This one is built from mostly recycled or salvaged material. In fact, it's made of about 90% shipping pallets. :-)

Their birthday is this weekend. I told them this was for my new lawn mower. :-)

If you want to see more, including the long build process, take a look here:


Illustrated goodness

The very kind and talented Cécile Matthey has allowed me to post her fabulous illustration of "Until the Pit is Dug..." on my website.

Thanks, Cécile!

If you're interested, you can see it over at The Future Fire or at my website

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

2008 has been kind to me on a personal level, though I've hit some snags here and there.

Everyone is healthy, there is a roof over our heads. We get enough to eat and we have each other. What more could you ask?

My stats for this year aren't very impressive, but after 10 years of "aspiring", I'm used to it.

Subs: 46
Sales: 4
Pending: 9

Hope everyone has a safe and happy one.
My novelette, "Until the Pit is Dug for the Wicked" is up at The Future Fire

They say that the author is a poor judge of his own prose, but this one is probably my favorite work.

Nazis? Yep.

Time travel? Oh, yeah.

Lots of explosions with the screaming and the biting and the hurting? Check.

On top of all that, I got the cover art, too! :-)

Merry Christmas to everyone, and Happy New Year.

Eye of Wolf in _Necrotic Tissue_

Just realized I totally missed the fact that "Eye of Wolf" was published in October in _Necrotic Tissue_.

Seems that they distribute their latest issue via email, so I did not know that it was out. The e-zine's homepage has an archives section that still shows issue #4 as "coming soon."

Anyway, it's a pretty slick format and I was very impressed with it. You can find issue #4 here.

So long, Aeon.

Read over at Ralan's that _Aeon Speculative Fiction_ is closing down.


Great magazine, great people. I'll miss them.

Early Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Kratmans!

Old Folks' Home

Clonepod has put up "Old Folks'Home"!

I just finished listening and I'm very pleased. Kind of cool that they do an intro by a bunch of kids!

That's what I need, more kids in my life!

Check it out at http://clonepod.org.

Thanks again Clonepod!

Fiction available

For Free:

", podcast at Drabblecast

"Harry the Crow
", podcast at Escape Pod

"Until the Pit is Dug for the Wicked
", in The Future Fire

"Old Folks' Home", podcast at Clonepod

"Eye of Wolf", in Necrotic Tissue

"Ozelotl" at New Myths

"Barrier" at Afterburn SF

For pay:

"Old Folks' Home" at Jim Baen's Universe

"Churel" at Dark Recesses

"Harry the Crow" at Aeon Speculative Fiction

"Nanuq"in the Northwest Passages Anthology


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